As per The Daily Post’s prompt.

A shaky foundation,
A glimpse of what could be,
Hidden amongst the faithful,
But not seeing the faith.

Quiet afternoons,
Hard pews and harder words unspoken,
Inner turmoil spilling over,
A lost sheep’s lonely bleat.

Longing to be returned to the flock,
Not knowing the way through treacherous mountains,
At the moment of giving up,
He found her.

Prince of Peace, the shepherd who knows the way,
To be found by Him and returned home,
In infinite mercy and tenderness,
All previous harshness forgiven.

To be far from His glory is pain unending,
To be separated from Him is to know true heartache,
To be found again after a lifetime lost,
Is to know truly what it means to be saved.

Never again shall the lost sheep wander far from the flock,
Never again shall harsh words fall from her tongue,
For she has lived through the deprivation of the Lord,
And known the terror of schism.


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