The Body City

As per The Daily Post’s prompt.

I am familiar with vacations,
For I vacation almost daily,
Finding something new to add to the list,
Of attractions of my body.

There are so many things worth seeing,
Even those things which are “the bad side of town”,
Perhaps a little run down and in need of repair,
But they have so much potential.

In the land of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,
The population fluctuates, with the numbers going down then back up,
And day by day one realizes one is merely a visitor,
Only a tourist in one’s own body.

This feeling of strangeness soon passes,
The way it does when one visits a place one has already been to,
Even if the destination changes radically,
Even when you have moments where one no longer recognize who is in the mirror.

But though one may come to find familiarity in PCOS,
And try to add stability through wellness plans and self-help books,
With tables laden with green food on attractive plates,
Know that one is forever a tourist, and never a native.


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