A Date Has Been Set

While I got this news yesterday, I deferred writing about it until I had time to gather my thoughts so I could articulate what I wanted to say. While The Daily Post does have a post prompt available for today, I’m going to detour from that so I can share my good news.

At mass on Wednesday (my local parish hosts mass on Wednesdays and Sundays) I arranged to speak with my priest afterwards to discuss baptism. After months of discernment, education classes, and chatting with my good friends, I decided to take the plunge to discuss arranging my baptism. My priest agreed that I was ready for the Sacrament, and after hammering out some further details, a date was decided.

On August 21st, 2016, I will be administered the first, and arguably the most important, Sacrament. I will be cleansed of sin, and officially welcomed into the Church as a sister of Christ by my fellow faithful.

Despite taking an entire evening to reflect on the momentous life event that will be forthcoming, words are still failing me. I am taking great pride in the gift that I will be receiving, and I am also taking pride in the fact I did things the “right” way. I took classes, prayed, discerned, and ingratiated myself into the life of my parish, so I could be sure of what I was doing. There are so many out there who I think have an almost blasé attitude towards the Sacraments, perhaps not understanding their significance, or why we must be prepared before we receive them. These are holy rites; moments in our lives that cannot be repeated or “done over”.

I am truly elated over my good fortune. It felt good to hear my priest confirm that he also thought I was ready to take my baptismal vow, and having a date to look forward to makes things all the more exciting. This is finally – finally – happening. After the long study slog, I will finally see my faith bear fruit.

My only disappointment is that, with my family as far-flung as they are, there will likely be no one there to witness this for me. This is unfortunate, and I would have loved to share my special day with them, but sometimes life gets in the way, and we have to “go it alone”. Luckily, my parish family will be there to watch and receive me, so there is consolation in that.

Of course, baptism is only the first step of my conversion journey. There is so much more to learn, explore, and reflect on in the coming years, and I hope to keep writing about my experiences!


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